Chemotherapy, radiation therapy and surgical procedures focusing on the head and neck can cause problems for your oral health. Our prosthodontist can play an important role in preventing complications from cancer treatment affecting your oral health.

Since the immune system becomes weakened during chemotherapy, Dr. Sergio Ortegon recommends that his patients get their teeth and gums checked before starting chemo to ensure that they are better able to fight infections of the teeth and gums. Radiation to the head and neck decreases the jaw bone’s ability to heal after dental surgeries, so our prosthodontist recommends getting any extensive dental and prosthodontic work done before the radiation therapy to reduce the need for invasive dental surgeries in the future.

Radiation therapy can also cause changes to the microbiological environment in your mouth in addition to affecting saliva production. The disruption of this balance can put you at risk for tooth decay and other dental problems, so Dr. Ortegon will help you tailor a personal oral hygiene protocol which includes tooth remineralizing agents and fluoride treatments.

It is important to consult with a prosthodontist during and after cancer treatment in order to stay on top of severe oral side effects that might complicate your condition. If you have any questions about dental cancer care in Houston, Texas, please give Sergio Ortegon, DDS, MS a call at 713-664-9900 today to learn more.

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