Smile Gallery

Aesthetic Anterior Treatments

Before: Non-aesthetic All ceramic crowns on central incisors, full smile

Before: Retracted view

After: New all ceramic crowns, full smile

After: Retracted view

Before: Failing composite restorations, recurrent decay maxillary central incisors

After: All ceramic crowns layered technique.

Before: Non-aesthetic metal ceramic crowns

After: All ceramic, layered Zirconia crowns

Full mouth reconstruction

Before: Worn teeth, full smile

Retracted View

Occlusal view, see exposed dentin, large restorations and missing teeth

Teeth prepped for crowns, implants ready to be restored

Final occlusal view
After: Full smile

Maxillary implant retained overdenture

Before: Non-Restorable Maxillary Teeth

Occlusal view implants

After: Maxillary Implant retained overdenture front view

After: Occlusal view palate-less Maxillary Overdenture (clip-on denture)


Before: Non-restorable maxillary teeth, deep bite

After: Occlusal view final prosthesis, characterized maxillary teeth position

After: Retracted view

Maxillofacial Prosthetics: (obturators, cleft lip & palate patients, trauma)

Before: Missing maxillary teeth; post. Orthognathic surgery and orthodontics

After: Fixed bridges with pink porcelain

Before: Missing maxillary teeth; post. Maxillectomy and fibula reconstruction

Temporary obturator

After: Maxillary Implant retained Overpartial

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